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Add new users to my account
Add new users to my account
Learn how to add new users with special level permissions to your account
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Videolinq is a centralized management workplace for teams to produce high end broadcasts distributed to social media platforms. The master account owner can add unlimited number of sub-users to the main account. Users are granted different levels of permission to access different parts of the customer portal. Most of our customers assign their teams by the following groups:

  • Administrators - individuals who can access all areas of the company account.

  • Accounting - individuals with access to invoices, quotes, and the support section.

  • Technical Team - individuals with access to the media dashboard and the support section.

In Videolinq product version 3.0 we introduced multi level access to the company customer area, media dashboard, and live event projects.

Account Owner is a master administrator with access to all areas of the service.

Users are individuals that belong to one or more of the groups described above.

Contacts are individuals that need to receive alerts about billing or support but do not need to login permission. Contacts can be upgraded to Users.

Social Media Studio Team profiles will be released in Q1 2021.

Step 1:

To create new Users or Contacts login to the customer portal and expand the account settings. Click on the Users link.

Step 2:

Enter the new User email address and select what permission to grant them. Send the invite. They will be prompt to update their profile details upon login. Users have their own individual login credentials to the customer portal.

Step 3:

To create a new Contact expand the upper right account settings tab and enter the Contact page. Here you can create a new Contact or update the details and information the user has access to. Contacts cannot login to the customer portal until they are upgraded to a Users level.

Use case examples:

  • An individual working for the Accounts Payable department asked to receive monthly email alerts about the account status or payment requests. Create a new Contact and check the "Get invoices" checkbox.

  • A technical person need access to the media dashboard, and to be able to submit support tickets. Create a User and grant them access to the "product" and "support" section.

  • A vendor consultant is helping you create live streams. Create a new User with permission to access the product page. No additional permissions are required. Uncheck this User permission or delete their profile when the no longer need access. Remember to reset the media dashboard password to prevent direct access.

If you have questions about creating Users or Contacts, post a support ticket and our team will assist you.

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