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Setup a project in Studio
Setup a project in Studio

Learn how to configure a project with Videolinq's Studio

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Videolinq Studio helps teams produce high-quality broadcasts on social media. Studio is included with selected plans and offers the following:

  • Invite teams to collaborate on specific projects.

  • Moderate chat conversations across multiple platforms and your own website.

  • Use EDIT to correct automated closed captioning.

  • Insert audience comments on live video.

  • Insert participant titles.

  • Insert polls to live video.

  • Monitor live streams across multiple social media platforms.

  • Collect audience data from multiple platforms (total views, likes, and followers).


Team members receive their individual login, can change or reset passwords, and have access to "projects" assigned to them. All team members have access to the live broadcast and to tasks assigned to them via the console. Team roles are explained below:

  • Broadcast Operator - The Videolinq account owner is the Operator and controls all aspects of the broadcast. They can multitask and fulfill all roles or delegate tasks to a team (Event Producer, Chat Moderator, and Presenter). Team members can be co-workers, or a client and their team.

  • Event Producer - has access to all Studio features except for video sources/and channel activation (controlled by the Operator). The Event Producer can log in to social media platforms and assign them to the broadcast. This provides a secure environment when inviting a client as the Event Producer and asking them to connect Videolinq to their social media channels.

  • Chat moderator - can post replies to all combined chat audiences or to viewers from a specific platform. Chat Operators select questions, and pass them to Presenters, or insert them into the live stream. Chat moderators prepare in advance titles or announcements and insert them into the stream.

  • Captions Operator - can see the result of the automated closed captioning service in Edit, correct mistakes, and improve the accuracy of the output captions over the live video streams.

  • Presenters - receive moderated questions from the audience and can answer on camera or via chat.

Create a Project

Step 1:

Create a new Studio project, give it a name (date and description are optional), invite team members to manage the broadcast, and go to next step.

Step 2:

Assign a channel to the Studio project. The channel must have a video source. You can use pre-configured destinations or select them now. Enable chat if needed.

Step 3:

(Optional) broadcasts can be pre-scheduled and announced. Write a post, attach an image, configure the post-release, and save settings.

Activate Studio

The Studio project is now created. On the lower left side find the team private chat box and project status. The project will not be "online" until the associated channel is started (push "Go Live") and the video is sent to target destinations.

Team Members

Use the Team tab to add/edit/remove team members.

Use Polls

Use the Polls tab to create unlimited polls in advance, save them, and insert them to live video (only compatible with Facebook at this time).

Monitor Output

Use the Monitor tab to see live video as it streams on different platforms. Click on the player upper right corner widget to "detach" the player from the studio dashboard.

Chat Operator

Use the Chat tab to manage messages from all platforms in one place. Use the moderated chat option to customize and post a chat on your own website or blog.

Add chat messages to live video: click on the message and move it to the Graphics section.

Insert chat messages and titles created in the Graphic section to the video. Click on "Show" and "Hide" to add and remove text from the video.

Click on the Graphics section Setup link to edit the background and text displayed over the live video: background size/color, font size/color, text position/opacity.

Use the chat widget to embed the chat also in your own website.

Customize settings, look & feel of the chat box, and generate an embed code.

Captions Operator

Invite a Captions Operator to monitor the automated closed captioning generated by EDIT, and edit the captions before they are inserted back into the live stream.

Audience Engagement

Use the Engagement tab to monitor viewers on the Videolinq player and social media platforms. In addition, compare followers and likes, before and after the broadcast. When the event ends, download all data in CSV format for in-depth analysis.


  • Studio is only accessible to Premium and Enterprise subscribers.

  • Enable adaptive bitrate (ABR) before activating the channel.

  • The number of available social media Studio projects depends on the plan level.

  • A Studio project must have an associated channel assigned.

  • Channels with an associated Scheduler cannot be assigned to a Studio Project. Release the channel from the Scheduler and attach it to a Studio project.

  • Target destinations for a live broadcast are assigned during the project setup process. Login to destinations during channel setup, or delegate the task to the Event Producer.

  • The project must be "online" for the Chat and Engagement features to work.

If you have questions about Studio start a chat conversation with our team (lower right corner of the Videolinq home page).

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