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Closed Captioning in the Video
Closed Captioning in the Video

How to configure Videolinq to support closed captioning that are already in live video?

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Videolinq supports the distribution of live video with closed captioning to multiple social media and streaming video platforms. Closed captioning can be inserted into live streams using hardware decoders from EEG, Evertz, Link Electronics, and other manufacturers of professional closed captioning equipment. The distribution of live closed captioning present in the video is free of charge and provided as a courtesy to all customers. Follow the steps below to configure a Videolinq channel to support this workflow.

Channel Configuration

Open a channel, and create a new video source.

Give the source a name you will remember, and select the RTMP option.

Expand the CC tab and check "Closed captioning is in the video".

Expand the Encoder tab and copy the RTMP path and stream key.

Configure the closed captioning encoder and your live RTMP encoder. Send the signal to Videolinq. Confirm you see the video with closed captioning in the Videolinq channel preview player.

Live Stream Distribution

The RTMP stream sent to Videolinq with closed captioning can be distributed to multiple social media and other streaming video platforms. Simply create destinations and enable them. The number of destinations is limited by the plan type.

Need help configuring closed captioning and video encoders? Contact our technical support team.

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