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Platforms that support Closed Captioning

What video services support closed captioning?

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Customers often ask us if the closed captioning they insert to their live streams will display on social media platforms and 3rd party streaming service providers. The answer is simple:

  • Videolinq uses an industry-standard method to insert closed captioning to live streams. The delivery method we use is called CEA-608.

  • Live video delivered with the HLS player path we provide in the channel (underneath the preview player) will include closed captioning, You can use this link to display live video with closed captioning in the Videolinq player, or on any 3rd party video player that supports CEA-608 captioning.

  • When we publish live video to social media platforms or other streaming service providers we include closed captioning in the output RTMP stream. As long as these target destinations support CEA-608 captioning, and a compatible video player is used, your audience will be able to enable/disable closed captioning.

Supported social media platforms and streaming video services we tested include:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/X, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Kaltura, Edgio, Limelight, Brightcove, IBM, Microsoft Teams, Teradek Core, Dacast, Wowza Video, and Akamai.

Players we tested include JW Player, Flowplayer, Radiant Player, Video.js, and THEOPlayer. The closed captioning option must be enabled in the player code.

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