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How can team members login to the Videolinq dashboard?

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There are two groups of individuals who can login and use Videolinq:

  • Users who work with the account owner (technical team, accounting, etc).

  • Customers of the account owner.

If you work with or for the account owner, ask them to grant you permission to login to the Videolinq customer area. To login and access the media dashboard do this:

Step 1:

Use your email/password to login to the customer area.

Step 2:

Drop down the "Dashboard" link and click on the plan.

Step 3:

The media dashboard will open. To go back to the customer area expand the left navigation bar and click on the "Account" icon.

If you were invited by the account owner to participate in a broadcast as a Producer, Chat Operator, or a Presenter - follow the "Team Members Permissions" instructions here.

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