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Why is my social media stream not working?
Why is my social media stream not working?
Avoid mistakes and learn how to configure live social media streams that work.
Updated over a week ago

Every social media platform that support live streaming has a different interface and steps one need to take before you can live stream on these platforms. We provide custom step by step instructions in the "Stream Destinations" section of the help center. Visit this section and follow the individual tutorials to create and operate stream destinations for each social platform you want to stream.

It is important to remember that not all live streaming on social media platforms works the same! Platforms like Twitch allow using the same stream key again and again, while others like Facebook generates different type of stream keys when you use a member login option (requires new stream key each time the old was used), compared to manually preparing a live stream (you will be offered a persistent or one-time stream keys). For best performance, read our tutorials and take in consideration if you need or don't need to get a new stream key for your broadcast. Unfortunately, expired stream keys will block your live video from entering the social media platform. You see video in the Videolinq channel preview player, you started the destination and the video does not show on your social media target? Simply replace the stream key!

Our recommendation: to keep things simple, remove/delete your destination when the broadcast ends, and create a new destination before the next broadcast.

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