Twitch is the world's largest video platform for gaming, but it becomes a growing destination for other categories like online concerts, product marketing, and more. To stream to Twitch do the following:

Step 1:

Create a new channel in the quick setup process or from a channel. Select "Twitch".

Step 2:

You can login to "Connect to Twitch" for instant setup, or use the "Connect Manually" option as explained in Step 3.

Step 3:

To connect to Twitch manually you need the RTMP path and stream key provided by Twitch. These values will go in the proper boxes as shown below.

Step 4:

Open Twitch in a new browser tab and login to your account. Click on the upper right icon to expand and select "Video Producer".

Step 5:

Expand "Settings" and click on "Stream".

Step 6:

Copy the stream key to the Videolinq Twitch manual setup window.

Step 7:

Get the correct RTMP path from a list of Twitch servers, based on your location. Copy this value to the Videolinq Twitch RTMP server box shown in Step 3 and save settings.

Step 8:

In the Videolinq channel, start the source video, click on "Go Live", and confirm seeing video in the preview player. Now click on the Twitch destination and enable it.

Step 9:

Go back to Twitch and confirm you see video in your channel. You are now live streaming on Twitch.

For advanced Twitch channel setup read this article.

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