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How to install the Videolinq App
How to install the Videolinq App

Learn how to use the Videolinq desktop or mobile App.

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The Videolinq media dashboard is accessible via browser from every computer or mobile device. You can also install Videolinq as a standalone App.

Step 1:

Open Chrome and login to the media dashboard. Click on the download icon and install the Videolinq App.

Step 2:

After installing Videolinq click on the V icon and open the App. Use the media dashboard as if you operate it in the browser.

Step 3:

To log out click on the upper right icon and "Logout".

Step 4:

After login out you can log back in using the service plan user name and password.

Step 5:

Find the username and password to login directly to the dashboard in the client area product page as shown below.

Step 6:

Bookmark the Videolinq App and add it to Windows or Mac menu bar. See below the Videolinq App icon in Windows.

See below the Videolinq App icon on the Mac menu bar.

Important: The Videolinq standalone App requires an active Chrome browser. Chrome must be open, but can be minimized for the App to work.

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