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Account limits and restrictions
Account limits and restrictions

Learn about some of the restriction we apply to Videolinq subscription plans.

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At Videolinq we are committed to deliver an unparalleled service for all our customers. Our video plans come with many features, but they vary based on the subscription level. Here are some of the limits you will notice on your subscription plan. Click here to see a detailed comparison of different plans.

Trial Plans Limits

Trial plans are free, require no payment, have no watermarks or advertising, and last for 30-days. Free plans have access to all Videolinq features, but live streams only can be active for 10 minutes.

Time-Limit on Active Sources

In all plans, except for the Premium and Enterprise+ subscriptions, video sources (RTMP, Webcam, or URL source) can stay active in the channel for only 10-minutes. To bypass this restriction, the channel must become "active" by pushing the 'Go Live' button, or to be associated with a Schedule.

Push the 'Go Live' button to prevent source deactivation after 10-minutes.

Create a 'Schedule' and active the channel, to prevent source deactivation.

8-Hours Output Limit

When using destinations like Facebook or YouTube, we limit the output of a channel to a maximum of 8-hours. The reason is that all social media platforms limit incoming streams to 8-hours. Some platforms limit the time to 4-hours when the stream comes from a mobile device.

24/7 Streaming

You can only live stream 24/7 with the Enterprise or Enterprise+ plans. All other plans will stop live streams after 8 hours duration.

Exception to The Rules

  • The Premium and Enterprise+ plans do not have source time limit.

  • The Videolinq player is not limited to 8-hours playback.

The Videolinq legacy plans (Starter, Professional) follow the same limits as the Basic plan. If you have questions about this article contact customer service.

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