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AppSumo Pro Plans Promotion
AppSumo Pro Plans Promotion

Information about the features and limits the AppSumo LTD campaign

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Videolinq partnered with AppSumo between October - December 2020 to offer a special promotion of the Videolinq Professional plan at a significant discount 3-level tiers (codes), as a Lifetime one-time purchase subscription. These custom plans were sold as follow:

  • Single code priced at $59.00

  • Double code priced at $118.00

  • Multiple code priced at $177.00

The multiple priced plan offered also basic access to Social Media Studio - a cross social media platform chat and live stream management tool.


  • Limit of 1 account per person/name.

  • Plans were not transferable.

  • Codes purchased had a 60-day redeem time before expiration.

  • The plan offered unlimited hours to destinations per month, but active channels were limited to 8-hours live stream time, meaning live video could not be broadcast 24/7.

  • Each tier offered bonus data transfer package that can be applied when using the Videolinq player and Videolinq as a CDN. Customers who plan to use a file as source for their live broadcast received a free 5 GB storage bin to upload MP4 files. Data associated with the use of the storage bin would be deducted from the bonus data transfer package, and customers were asked to pay an additional discounted price of $0.18 per GB to cover additional data used. Customers using the Videolinq player are prompt to purchase additional data transfer after their bonus data plan is all used. Unpaid bills of extra data used will result in account termination.


  • The name and Email address of the original purchased plan can not change.

  • Transferring a Videolinq account from one customer to another is not allowed. This includes transfer of account between the original person who purchased the Videolinq AppSumo promotion and another person or company.

  • Selling codes purchased during the AppSumo campaign is not allowed. This is in direct violation of the AppSumo User Policy.

  • Customers who did not update their account with their full address information before February 1st 2023 will be suspended.

  • Inactive accounts not in used 12 months or longer will be suspended.

  • Suspended accounts are closed within 72 hours and can not be restored.

  • Videolinq reserves the right to terminate an account if a customer is caught violating one or more rules.

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