Many of our customers use Videolinq for their day to day video production needs. Sometimes a small glitch can trigger a chain events that will hurt your own customers and business. To prevent all that we recommend that all customers add extra security to their Videolinq account to prevent unauthorized login. Customers are encouraged to use one or both security measures we provide at no extra-cost.

Step 1

Login to the customer area and expand the top right drop down. Select "Security Settings" as shown below.

Step 2

In the next page you will be prompt with an option to add security question to the account, and or to activate a 2-Step authentication mode.

Option 1: Add few security question that only you will know the answer for. On next login to the Videolinq customer area you will be prompt to answer one of these random questions. This is a great security option for a team who can share few security questions they all know the answer for.

Option 2: Enable Two-Factor authentication. You will be prompt to use a phone App like Google Authenticator. Install the App on your phone and every time you will try to login to Videolinq customer area, you will be prompt to enter a random 6 digit code the App generates. This is a great security measure for single-person operation, but it not suitable for a team using multiple logins. Teams using this option will need to assign login to the customer area to one designated team member, and share among all others the direct link to the media dashboard.

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