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Prepaid data transfer options
Prepaid data transfer options
Purchase and add discounted data transfer blocks to hosting plan
Updated over a week ago

We are offering the purchase of discounted data transfer blocks to a Videolinq hosting plan. Enabling this feature requires having a valid credit card on file for on-going monthly recurring fees. To take advantage of this option do the following:

Step 1

Calculate how much data transfer you will need per month by using these calculators.

Step 2

Login to the customer area and select "Services". Click on the service plan.

Step 3

Open the 'Action' 'Upgrade/Downgrade Options' link on the left navigation bar. Add the optional add-on service to your plan. Adding-on service to your hosting plan will result in additional monthly recurring feed. To stop the service and additional fees repeat this step and set the option to "No change". This will reset the add-on feature back to "0" and charges will stop.

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