Watch few tips and tricks how to take advantage of all features of a live streaming channel:

Step 1

A live channel is a video that comes from a source and goes to a destination. Destinations can be a social media platform or media service. You can also live stream a channel to a player you create. To begin go to the home page and click on the "Quickstart" icon.

Step 2

Give the channel a name and click on the "Next step".

Step 3

Now we need to create a destination. Click the green + icon or select from drop down destinations you created before. Click on "Next step".

Step 4

Choose a destination from preset options available or create a custom RTMP destination that will work with any streaming service provider or content delivery network (CDN) that accepts RTMP in video.

Step 5

Add a new video source or exist from a drop down of sources created before.

Step 6

Add a video source to the channel. This can be a Webcam, an RTMP encoder like OBS Studio, a pre-recorded MP4 file, or a live RTMP or RTSP stream.

Step 7

A channel was created. To activate a channel you must enable the video source, push "Go Live", and 'start' destination(s). You can also create a video player and generate an embed code to put on a website or blog.

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