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When I Get Charged for CDN Service?
When I Get Charged for CDN Service?
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Videolinq focus is on distributing live streams to multiple destinations. In addition, we support customers that want to use our media servers to stream video to their website or blog. Using Videolinq as a content delivery network (CDN) has a cost associated with it. We bill for the service measuring how much data transfer your account use per month. This calculator will help understand how data transfer is measured. To get a total estimate, multiple the results you get by the cost per GB, that varies per plan type.

When I get charged?

  • If my plan output hours has a limit and I used more hours per month over the amount of output hours allowed.

  • If my plan data transfer limit includes 10 GB for example, and I used 12 GB per month.

  • If I ordered a media storage bin, uploaded recorded files, and (a) used these files as URL video source for a channel (b) pointed to the file from a player and used them as video-on-demand.

  • If I use the HLS path the channel provides and (a) created a Videolinq player for my website (b) placed the HLS path in a 3rd party video player or OTT service.

  • If I received a bonus data transfer package and used all data, additional data beyond the package limit will be considered paid CDN service.

When I do not get charged?

  • When I stream from a RTMP encoder or my webcam to my live channel, setup destinations and stream directly to these destinations. Output hours limit may apply to specific plans.

  • When I create a destination on my channel and send the video to 3rd party CDN service like Dacast or Akamai. Output hours limit may apply to specific plans.

  • When I create a player and point to a 3rd party CDN service I sent video to, and pull the video from that CDN with the Videolinq player.

  • When I use the Videolinq player to insert commercials to a stream, and the files that represent these commercials are hosted by another CDN.

When will I get billed?

  • We bill you based on your hosting plan subscription term (monthly, annual etc).

  • We bill at the end of the term based on usage during the previous term. For example, monthly subscriptions get billed for over usage above their plan limit at the beginning of the month. Invoicing will cover the previous month.

  • Plans with bonus data packages get invoiced as soon as their plan use all bonus data. Invoicing will be done in the beginning of the month covering the previous month.

Got questions about CDN charges? Contact customer service via our chat or by creating a support ticket on the customer area portal.

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