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My Chat Conversation Closed!
My Chat Conversation Closed!
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Contact Videolinq customer service via chat 7 days a week. Chat conversations are answered same-day within few minutes to few hours, depends on our workload schedule. Look at the lower right corner of our website and media dashboard for a chat icon. Use the chat feature to contact our Sales and Customer Service departments with pre-sale questions, or to report issues related to your account. Technical issues can only be addressed in our help desk.

We encourage customers with access to the Videolinq client portal to submit support tickets to our team if they need help with their billing, account, or require technical assistance.

Important: idle chat conversations (no reply from you or our team) will auto close after 24 hours of inactivity. Closed chats are archived under your profile. You can always re-open a chat conversation and continue the conversation.

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