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How to use ECamm with Videolinq
How to use ECamm with Videolinq
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Ecamm Live is a macOS App designed to give you tremendous control over live streaming. Ecamm Live can broadcast to any streaming service that uses RTMP streaming.

Ecamm Live can produce broadcasts on many live streaming services that support the Real-time Messaging Protocol, more commonly known as RTMP. Services that use RTMP including Videolinq.

To start streaming to Videolinq, you’ll need two pieces of information: the Server URL and the Stream Key.

Step 1

Login to the Videolinq media dashboard, open your channel, and click "New Source". Create a new RTMP source and call it Ecamm.

Step 2

Back in the channel page, enable the Ecamm source. Click on the Encoder tab and copy the RTMP path, and stream key.

Step 3

In the bottom right corner of the Ecamm Main Window, select "Custom Stream Key" from the Destination menu. A sheet will appear to accept your Server URL (the RTMP path) and Stream Key. Paste here the Videolinq RTMP path and stream key information and save.

Step 4

Start Ecamm. Confirm you see video in the Videolinq channel preview player.

Step 5

Push on "Go Live".

Step 6

Start all destinations at once or one by one.

Step 7

Optional: Create a player to stream the Ecamm program on a website or blog.

Note: Certain features of Ecamm Live—such as Comments and Reactions, and Scheduled Live broadcasts—are not available while streaming to RTMP services.

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