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How to submit a support ticket?
How to submit a support ticket?
Follow these steps to alert us on a problem!
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Having some difficulties? The best way to get attention from Videolinq support if via our official support ticket system. Standard support is given to all Videolinq customers, you will have an answer within 24 hrs or less.

Step 1:

To create a ticket login into our client portal:

Step 2:

Look at the top navigation bar, and click open a ticket.

Step 3:

Select the type of ticket you want to create. Fill in the form, include screen shots and detail information of the issue you see. Use the optional fields below the ticket to provide configuration names and links. Submit your support ticket and our team will assist you.

Tips & Tricks: Can't reset your password and login to the customer area as show in step #1? Click on the "Contact Us" link and submit a support ticket from outside the portal. Provide as much information as possible to help our team identify your account before they reply (name, company, phone number).

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