How to stream to Vimeo
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Vimeo is one of the largest online communities for video creators. Vimeo offers high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads.

Vimeo customers with a Premium plan can also stream live video on their account. Use Videolinq to stream live video with closed captioning to Vimeo. From the Videolinq channel page add Vimeo as a destination.

Step 1:

Configure a channel on the Videolinq dashboard. Create a RTMP video source.

Step 2:

Enable the RTMP video source.

Step 3:

Log in to Vimeo and click on the "Live Events" icon on the left navigation bar. Select the "Connect (RTMP)" option. Copy the RTMP path and stream key.

Step 4:

Add a destination in the Videolinq channel, and select Vimeo.

Step 5:

Give the destination a name and copy here the Vimeo RTMP path and stream key. If you do not need to add closed captioning skip to step 7.

Step 6:

Optional: Add closed captioning to your live stream. Click on the CC tab and check the 3rd checkbox. Copy the information and pass it to your closed captioning vendor.

Step 7:

Click on the Encoder tab and copy the RTMP path and stream key to your RTMP encoder.

Step 8:

Start the encoder and wait to see video in the preview player. Next do this:

  • Push on "Go Live".

  • Ask your closed captioning vendor to begin sending captions.

  • Start the live stream to Vimeo.

Tip: When captions arrive you will notice a small CC icon on the preview player top right corner. Click on this icon to enable captions in the preview player.

Step 9:

Go back to Vimeo and verify that you see video there. You will not see closed captioning on the preview player. Click on the Vimeo "View" option and open the live player page.

Step 10:

Find and click on the CC icon at the bottom right side of the player controls. Closed captioning will show up. If you send from Vimeo live streams to other destinations, the video plus closed captioning will be sent out too.

Step 11:

You can send from Vimeo the same video to other destinations. You can do the same from the Videolinq channel by adding additional destinations. All streams you send out will have both the live video and the closed captioning in them.


If your Vimeo RTMPS path is not working just change the RTMP path like this -

rtmps:// (doesn't work)

rtmp:// (works)

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