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How to create a playlist
How to create a playlist

Learn how to build a playlist from recorded files and stream them live.

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Videolinq is the first streaming service that support live stream of video with closed captioning from pre-recorded files, broadcast one by one, or as a set of playlist, deliver content in the order selected.

Feature Service Explained:

After you upload files to the media dashboard, create playlist(s) and schedule them to broadcast in the channel. Playlists can:

  • Simulate a live broadcast when the video source are multiple files.

  • Be scheduled to stream 24/7 in the channel.

  • Trigger video-on-demand playback (coming soon).


Go to the "Sources.Media Files and Playlists" section. To create a playlist, check file records, type a name and click "Save".


Playlists will appear on the right side. Expand the playlist to rename it or re-arrange the order of files on the list.


To assign a file or a playlist to the video source go to the channel, create a new fie source, or click on the 3 dots to Edit existing source.


Select from the drop down a playlist or file and click on "Update".


Remember to enable the video source, and click "Go Live".

STEP 10:

Your channel is now active. Add new destinations or create a player.

STEP 11:

This is an optional feature: Automate the start and stop time of your live broadcast by using the Scheduler. If you are not using a scheduled broadcast, stop the broadcast manually when it ends. Live streaming from a playlist will continue streaming in a loop until stopped.

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