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I can't see the Videolinq player in private .
I can't see the Videolinq player in private .
Learn a work around for Google Chrome!
Updated over a week ago

When using Google Chrome in incognito (private) mode, video will not play in the Videolinq player. When you create a player in the Videolinq dashboard we provide an embed code to post on websites or blog pages. The embed code is presented via an iFrame. This method of embedding the video requires use of cookies. Using a browser in a "private mode" often blocks cookies, causing the video to break and not display in the player.

Want to use Google Chrome in Incognito mode? Use this workaround:

Step 1

Create a player in the Videolinq dashboard, copy player iFrame code to a web page and publish the page.

Step 2

Open Chrome and type this in the search bar "chrome://settings/cookies". Press Enter.

Step 3

Change settings to "Allow all cookies".

Step 4

Open in Chrome a new tab in Incognito mode. Type the URL pointing to the player created in Step 1. Video will show in the player.

To block cookies again, restore the browser settings to default mode (block third party cookies).

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