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My live stream destination is not working!
My live stream destination is not working!

Learn tips & tricks how to fix problems related to destinations.

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Trying to connect from the Videolinq channel to a destination, and no video shows! Before you contact our support team read this list of quick fixes.


When creating a manual Facebook live stream or Event Facebook may give you an RTMP path that does not work. Simply change just the RTMP path to the one suggested below. No change to the stream key generated by Facebook.

rtmps:// (doesn't work)

rtmps:// (works)


YouTube is conducting an audit on the Videolinq integration. Connecting to YouTube with a login does not work at the moment. Please use the manual mode and update the YouTube destination profile with a RTMP path and stream key generated manually.


If your Vimeo RTMPS path is not working just change it like this -

rtmps:// (doesn't work)

rtmp:// (works)


Videolinq does not support the Azure 2935 and 2936 ports. Look and use a path that will use RTMP not RTMPS, and the port number is 1935 -


Last updated 10/11/2022

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