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Videolinq control panel is black!
Videolinq control panel is black!

Did you login to the media dashboard and found a black page?

Updated over a week ago

The Videolinq team is constantly working to improve our services. Our developers updates the Videolinq media dashboard on a regular basis, adding new features from our roadmap, or fixing software issues that are part of working with so many partners, integrations, and constant changes to device operating systems or different browsers. These changes are not always showing properly on all devices, since settings are different on every individual user computer or mobile device.

Sometimes you will login to the control panel and see only a black screen. Don't panic and take these simple steps to fix the issue:

  • Close open browser tabs on the computer or device you are using.

  • Find the web browser history and cache settings, and clear them (clear cache).

  • Close the browser and re-open it.

  • Are you able to login to the media dashboard? If you are still having a problem, contact support.

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