IBM Streaming Services (formerly UStream) is an enterprise end-to-end global streaming video platform. Follow these steps to send live video with real-time closed captioning from Videolinq to your IBM Streaming Service account.

Step 1:

Login to IBM Streaming Services and create a live channel.

Step 2:

Once the channel is created click on "Broadcast Settings".

Step 3:

Click on "Encoder Settings".

Step 4:

Copy the RTMP path and stream key.

Step 5:

In the Videolinq dashboard open a channel and create a new destination.

Step 6:

Select the UStream (IBM) destination.

Step 7:

Give the destination a name you will remember.

Step 8:

Paste here the IBM RTMP path and stream key, and click "Save".

Step 9:

Enable the video source and push "Go Live". When inserting closed captioning to the stream, confirm you see captions on the channel preview player.

Step 10:

Start the IBM destination.

Step 11:

Go back to the IBM console and click on the "Channel Page".

Step 12:

Confirm you see video (and closed captioning if applicable) in the player.

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