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How to create a custom RTMP destination
How to create a custom RTMP destination
Custom RTMP destinations can help distribute live video anywhere.
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Configure a RTMP destination to distribute live video from an active channel to any media server, social media platform, streaming video service or content delivery network (CDN). Create unlimited custom RTMP destinations, limited by the number of destinations your subscription plan allows.

Step 1:

In the channel add a new destination.

Step 2:

Select the RTMP icon.

Step 3:

Give the destination a name you will remember.

Step 4:

Get the RTMP path and stream key from the destination you want to send the video to, and copy it here.

Step 5:

Some destinations will require a user name and password. Check the "Use credentials" box, and add credentials when applicable.

Step 6:

Click on the "Save" icon.

Step 7:

A new custom RTMP destination was created. Click on the green icon to enable the destination, and stop transmission when done.

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