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Teradek Cube - H.264 Encoder
Teradek Cube - H.264 Encoder

How to configure Teradek Cube to send RTMP signal to Videolinq.

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The Teradek Cube is one of the best H.264/H.265 hardware encoders in the market. Connect to Cube the SDI/HDMI output of a video camera or video mixer. Teradek has a full help section dedicated to the Cube 600 and 700 series. Here are few simple steps to configure Cube to work with Videolinq:

Step 1:

Open a channel in the Videolinq dashboard. Create and enable an RTMP source. Copy the RTMP path and stream key from the Encoder tab.

Step 2:

Open a browser and login to Cube. Click on the "Video stream output" section on the left navigation bar, and paste here the Videolinq RTMP path and stream key. Click on 'Apply'.

Step 3:

(Optional) enable 'Auto reconnect' to help the encoder connect back in case it dropped connection from Videolinq. Remember to 'Apply' after every change you make.

Step 4:

Click on the 'Encoder' tab and configure bitrates for the video and audio of the stream. Add/modify the 'Key frame' settings to insert a key frame every 2 seconds.

Step 5:

Verify that the 'Status' mode under the preview player is green and click on the green 'Start' circle. This will change the green circle to red.

Step 6:

Confirm you see video in the Videolinq preview player. Push "Go Live".

Tips & Tricks: Teradek gear is known to get very hot after a while. Keep paper and plastic away from the encoder. We recommend pointing a fan to the encoder when you plan to keep it running 1-hour or longer. Teradek Cubes are not designed to run 24/7. If you need to stream 24/7 consider an encoder with built in fans.

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