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Live stream in 3-steps!
Live stream in 3-steps!

New to Videolinq? Learn how to live streams in few clicks.

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To live stream with Videolinq you need to (a) configure a video source (b) configure destinations and (c) Go Live. When you log to the Videolinq console, everything looks new. To help you get started quickly we prepared a short video tutorial. You can also follow the step-by-step guide below.

Create a live channel the first time!

Step 1:

Click on "New Source" to select a video source.

Step 2:

Give the source a name. Now select from 4 options:

  • RTMP encoder like OBS, or any other RTMP encoder.

  • A Webcam on your computer or mobile device.

  • A live stream already running (point to the an RTMP/RTSP stream).

  • A pre-recorded MP4 file(s).

Step 3:

If you selected an RTMP encoder, save settings, and click on green play icon. This will open the Encoder tab under the preview player. Copy the RTMP path and stream key. Here is an article explaining how to configure OBS. The same steps will apply to most 3rd party RTMP encoders. Start your encoder. Move to Step 7.

Step 4:

If you selected a "Webcam", first click on the green play icon to enable the source, then use the webcam widget settings to select your video and audio sources, and skip to Step 7.

Step 5:

If you selected a URL video source (an RTMP/RTSP stream) copy & paste in the box the RTMP/RTSP link to the live stream. This can be a path to a network camera, or a RTMP/RTSP link to a live stream. The live stream must be running. After creating the URL video source enable the source by clicking on the green play icon.

Step 6:

This article explains in details how to create destinations. In short, you click on "New destination" and configure your destinations. Each destination requires a separate setup.

Step 7:

Do you see video from your RTMP encoder or Webcam in the preview player? The last step is to click on "Go Live". The channel is active. Now enable destinations one-by-one or all at once.

To stop the live stream go in reverse order: stop the destinations, stop the channel (click on the red Stop icon), and stop the video source.

If you have question about creating a channel contact our support team by posting a support ticket in the customer area.

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