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Problem streaming from a Uray encoder
Problem streaming from a Uray encoder

Best practice explanation how to configure Uray encoders to work with Videolinq

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Shenzhen URay Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacture of H.264/H.265 streaming encoder and decoders that are growing in popularity. These encoders support both HDMI and HDSDI inputs and are less expensive compare to other media encoders.

Configure your URay encoder as follow to work with Videolinq:

  • Resolution 720p or 1080i or 1080p

  • Video codec: H.264 Baseline mode CBR not ABR

  • Video bitrate: 4000 KBps

  • Video frames: 25 or 30

  • GOP or key frames: 1 key frames every 1 second or 25 or 30 frames

  • Audio codec: AAC

  • Audio bitrate: 128 KBps

If you have difficulties connecting an Uray encoder to Videolinq submit a support ticket, list the model you are using and include a screenshot of your configuration.

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