We are offering all customers an optional storage bin to host media files. Media files can be configured to stream as video-on-demand with the Videolinq Player or any other player that support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), or can be used a URL file source in a channel, and streamed live.

File Types

File storage options are available for ordering through Videolinq's customer portal site. File upload and management is done with 3rd party FTP clients. Supported files include: MP3, MP4, MOV, OGG, WEBM, JPG, PNG, WEBTT.

Read this article explaining how to prepare media files and upload them to the storage bin.

Service Pricing

Storage bins pricing start from $1 per month. This includes 5 GB of storage. Additional storage is billed at $0.50 per GB stored. A flat fee of $0.25 per GB used will apply to data streamed from the storage bin.

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