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What is a "Source" "Destination" "Channel"
What is a "Source" "Destination" "Channel"

Learn about basic descriptions used in the Videolinq media dashboard

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Here is a summary of section tab description and meaning you will find in the Videolinq media dashboard:


Videolinq accepts different video sources to bring live video to a channel. Only 1 video source can be used at a time to bring video to a channel. These include -

  • RTMP signal generated by a hardware or software media encoder on a computer, mobile device, or professional gear.

  • Webcam signal from a computer or mobile device.

  • RTMP signal from a recorded file hosted on a media server that support RTMP out.

  • RTMP signal from a live stream hosted on a media server that support RTMP out.

  • RTSP signal from a network camera or media server that support RTSP out.


Video Destinations are 3rd party media servers, streaming service providers, and social media platforms you can send live video to. Videolinq can send up to 25 live streams at the same time to these destinations (based on plan limit). To configure a destination select the target you want to use and follow the instructions.


A channel is a live stream that has one source and multiple destinations. A channel can also generate an instant player code to embed on a website or blog. The number of active channels an account can have is limited by the service plan.


Attach a Scheduler to a Channel to automate instant streaming to players and destinations, or pre-set start/stop time points for daily or delayed weekly broadcast.


A player can be used to play your channel live broadcast on a website or blog. Create unlimited number of custom look & feel players to point to live or recorded streams hosted by Videolinq or any 3rd party streaming service providers.


The media dashboard Home page shows total output hours and data transfer the account used during this month, or for a custom date range. Extensive usage reports that expand analytical data to viewer demographics and type of computer and browsers they use are available in the customer portal.

Help Desk:

Videolinq offers 24/7 basic only support service to all customers. Visit the help desk to browser articles and watch tutorial videos. Need additional support? Contact the Videolinq support team by submitting a support ticket in the customer portal area.

Billing Portal & User Management:

Access the customer portal area to see, pay, and print invoices. Add additional Users and Contact to your account and set permission levels to access various areas of the account.

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