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Can I pull live video from YouTube?
Can I pull live video from YouTube?
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Many customers want to re-stream their own broadcast from YouTube, or other broadcasts they see on YouTube. They try to create a Videolinq source with the RTMP path and stream key (example rtmp:// This will not work because YouTube blocks attempts to pull live streams from YouTube, unless the stream is distributed via the YouTube embed code or URL.

YouTube is the largest video community in the world for people to share recorded and live stream. In fact, YouTube is a free video content delivery network (CDN) platform that covers their operational cost (over 500 million streams per day) with advertising inserted to streams. YouTube does not allow to point to live streams they deliver except for when the streams are delivered with the YouTube embed player or URL.

The answer to the most popular question on our FAQ list - "can I pull a live stream from YouTube?" is no. You can not pull live streams from YouTube. In fact pulling live streams from YouTube violates their customer use policy and will get you into trouble.

Use Videolinq to distribute live streams to multiple destination by creating 1 destination for each output you plan to use. To prevent copyright claims and restrictions imposed by social media platforms on your channel and profile only use content you own or have permission to broadcast.

At Videolinq we take copyright laws very seriously. Accounts that are found in violation of the Videolinq AUP will be terminated.

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