Interested to learn more about Videolinq? We offer a 7-day no-commitment no credit-card needed trial plan to help you experience what can Videolinq do for you.

Order a trial account here.

Trial accounts are fully functional Videolinq accounts:

  • Plan details: 1 channel, 5 destinations, 10 GB data transfer and unlimited Schedulers and Players.
  • Stream from a webcam, a RTMP encoder or a URL path.
  • Broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch or any other destination.
  • Add real-time closed captioning to live streams.
  • Schedule hands-free automated streams.
  • Build custom HTML5 players and embed anywhere.
  • Live streams on trial accounts have a 10 minute limit.

Need technical support during your trial account period? Open a chat conversation (home page lower right corner). Our on-boarding specialists are ready to help!

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