We believe in educated customers: the more you know, the less you will need our help!

Every page on the Videolinq media console has a short video tutorial explaining how to use that section. We encourage you to take the time and watch these tutorials.

Use the Videolinq help center to search, find, and read articles we post about common questions most customers have.

Can't find what you are looking for and still have a question you need help with? If you have a trial account open a chat conversation with our on-boarding specialists. The chat is located at the lower right corner of our public website and help center.

If you are a paid customers - use our free standard support service. Submit a support ticket via the customer portal. To do this expand the left navigation bar and click on the handshaking "Help" icon. If you are not in the media dashboard login to the customer portal: https://billing.videolinq.com.

In the customer area click on "Open Ticket". Write as much information and details to help our support team understand the problem. Include screenshots, and use the field boxes in the form to list the channel name, encoder you use, or URL page where the player was posted.

Submit the support ticket. Out support team will get back to you within one day (in most cases even earlier).

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