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Can you recommend a CDN?
Can you recommend a CDN?
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Videolinq is about live streaming to multiple social media platforms. We are built on top of the Amazon World Services Network and can deliver live streams or recorded file playback to anywhere in the world. There is a cost associated in using Videolinq as your CDN.

Customers who have a 3rd party content delivery networks (CDN) use Videolinq to:

(a) Send live video to their CDN account. Look at the "Destination" tab for Limelight, Akamai, IBM Ustream, or use the RTMP option to send the live stream to ANY CDN that support live RTMP incoming streams.

(b) Play live video or media from recorded files by using the Videolinq player. The Videolinq player requires a path to a live or recorded stream delivered to the player by using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. The path can point to ANY CDN.

If you do not have a CDN and would like to compare Videolinq to other CDN's here is a list of companies we recommend:

Low-cost CDN's: Keycdn, Fastly, CDN77, Cloudflare.

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