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Create a channel, add destinations, and set a video source

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When opening the media dashboard the first time you will be prompt to create a channel, select destinations for your live video, and set a video source. Once a channel is created you can add/edit/remove video sources and destinations, add a Schedule to start/stop the stream, and create a player:

Create a live channel the first time!

Step 1:

Give the channel a name. Click "Next Step".

Step 2:

Add the first destination. Repeat this step to add more destinations later. Click "Next Step".

Step 3:

Add a video source. This can be a RTMP encoder, your Webcam, a recorded file or live streaming feed. URL source must point to a RTMP/RTSP path.Click "Create Channel".

Step 4:

A channel was created with a video source and target destination(s). Enable the video source (click on the green play icon). When using a Webcam - adjust your video and audio sources and confirm you see a video loop in the preview player. When pointing to a RTMP/RTSP source copy the path to the URL source popup window.

Step 5:

If you use RTMP encoder click on the Encoder tab and copy the RTMP path and stream key to your encoder. Start the encoder and confirm video shows in the preview player. When using RTMP source the "Go Live" green icon will auto change to red "Live" and activate the channel.

Step 6:

When using Webcam or file/stream as video source, click on "Go Live" to activate the channel. Start the destination(s) and confirm you see on them a video loop.

Step 7:

To create a player click on the player widget as explained in this article.

If you have question about creating a channel contact our support team by posting a support ticket in the customer area.

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