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Increase Google Meet audience with Videolinq
Increase Google Meet audience with Videolinq
Updated over a week ago

Zoom and Webex support RTMP out that you can send to Videolinq, but Google Meet does not. Google Meet meetings are limited to 100 participants. Here is a workaround to expand your audience with Videolinq:

Step 1:

Use a powerful Windows or Mac computer with at least i7 CPU and 16 GB RAM. Connect to the meeting as a "silent participant" and hide your camera and mute audio.

Step 2:

Login to the Videolinq media dashboard and create a new or reuse an existing channel. Add a webcam source. Enable the source and when the camera is active use the desktop share option to point to your Google Meet session. You may need to assign the computer audio to the stream to output audio too.

Step 3:

Your Videolinq channel can now see Google Meet. You have three options:

(a) Create new destinations and send the meeting to social media platforms. Invite audience to watch the meeting there.

(b) Create a new destination and point to an existing streaming service provider like Dacast or Akamai. Need a video player to embed on your website? get from your streaming service provider the HLS path, create a Videolinq player with this path, get the embed code and put it on your website.

(c) Use the HLS player code we provide on the channel and create a Videolinq player with this link. Get the embed player code and put on your website. When using this option additional data transfer fees will apply as you will be using Videolinq as your content delivery network (CDN).

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