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Do you support video-on-demand (VOD)?
Do you support video-on-demand (VOD)?
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Videolinq is all about live streaming to social media platforms and your own website. To keep the cost of using our service to minimum, we do not record the streams you send us as video-on-demand, because all the social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, Twitch and many others) do this anyways.

If you need to prepare a file from your live stream and put it on your website you have few ways to do this:


Live stream to YouTube or Facebook as destination. At the end of the broadcast get the recorded video embed code and put it on your website.


If you do not want to see advertising on your recorded YouTube video (when embedding the player on your website) do the following:

  1. Live stream to YouTube, and at the end of the broadcast download the video to your computer.

  2. Order from Videolinq a storage bin to upload media and stream it as video-on-demand.

  3. In the Videolinq media dashboard create a player and point from the player to the file you uploaded. Instructions with proper sample pointers will be provided when you order this service.

  4. Embed the Videolinq player on your website and stream your video as video-on-demand (VOD).

IMPORTANT: That you will pay $0.50 for every GB of data stored + you will pay a fee for data transfer streamed by your audience after pointing to the file and using Videolinq as your content delivery network (CDN) for the stream.

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