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Live stream limit explained
Live stream limit explained
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Customers setting up a live streaming channel need to be aware of certain limitations to their stream duration in various configuration modes. These are the limitations set by Videolinq or 3rd party streaming services and social media platforms:

Bad Stream Source

Streams that have low-resolution or low-bitrate or provide inconsistent video source will break within a few minutes of transmission. Our network will reject poor quality streams and display an error on the channel.

Resolution Limit

Videolinq support up to 1080p video resolution. Lower stream resolution is accepted, but live streams at 360p or 240p resolution may be rejected by some social media platforms. For most broadcasts, we recommend a resolution of 720p or 1080p.

Bitrate Limit

Videolinq supports incoming bitrate of up to 8 MBps. For most broadcasts, we recommend a bitrate of 4 MBps.

Social Media Platform Limit

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter do not allow 24/7 streaming. Most social media platforms will block live streams after 8-hours when they are sent from a computer, and after 4-hours if they originate from a mobile device.

Thanks for the information. What is I want to stream 24/7?

Videolinq provides special 24/7 live streaming plans designed for long-lasting streaming around the clock. These plans are monitored by our support team and are designed for using Videolinq or another content delivery network (CDN) as your streaming service provider.

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