What is nDVR?
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Only the Videolinq Enterprise+ plan supports nDVR, also known as "Live Rewind". When you send a live stream to Videolinq we record the stream during transmission, up to 30 minutes, and allow viewers who joined the broadcast late to rewind the stream and play it from an early start point. Here are a few requirements to use this feature:

  • nDVR is only available for Enterprise+ subscription plans.

  • To use the nDVR feature you must create and use a Videolinq player and point to Videolinq as your content delivery network (CDN).

  • To take advantage of the nDVR feature, open the player "Live or On-Demand" tab and click on "Video-on-demand". Next, open the "Player Controls" tab and click on "Rewind (VOD)" checkbox. This will expose the timeline seek option in the player control bar, and allow rewind actions.

  • Content recorded by the nDVR feature is not downloadable or accessible outside the Videolinq platform.

Here is an image showing activation of the nDVR feature in the player controls section, and on the player skin.

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