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Error when streaming to Facebook
Error when streaming to Facebook

Why Videolinq shows an error when I try to live stream to Facebook?

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How Videolinq Connects to Facebook

Videolinq offers two ways to connect to Facebook and live stream video to your profile. To connect to Facebook you need to select Facebook as destination and select one of the two methods to connect:

  • Facebook Login allows Videolinq login to Facebook in your behalf. When you use this option you grant Videolinq access to the profile, timeline, pages and groups you manage. Your profile must be the owner of the pages/groups and have permission to post live video.

  • Manual Connection requires to open Facebook in a separate browser tab, login to your profile, and creating a live stream.

In both cases Facebook assigns a "stream key" to your connection. Stream keys are a one time security tokens associated with your profile. This token expires after the live stream started, was shown on the timeline/page/group, and ended. Need to stream again? Get a new stream key token.

Troubleshoot Facebook Connection Errors

Most Common Error

An expire stream key will prevent Videolinq from sending live video to Facebook. We will display a red bar alert when we can't connect to Facebook. To avoid the need to create a new destination each time you live stream to Facebook, use the Manual Connection mode and follow the instructions to generate and use a persistent stream key. Unfortunately, this method will require to start the live stream (push "Go Live") by login to Facebook Studio.

The Facebook Login option provides additional automation. The live stream will start on Facebook when you send video to a Facebook destination in the Videolinq channel. This method requires renewing the Facebook destination before each broadcast. Did you used successfully this method to stream to Facebook? Click on the "Destinations" icon on the left navigation bar of Videolinq, locate the destination used and remove it. Go back to the channel and create a new Facebook destination.

No Page/Group Permission

Videolinq acts in the behalf of your login profile. We use the permissions your profile received to be able to publish to a timeline/page/group. Granting your profile permission to post to a page or group is critical before you begin streaming to Facebook.

When you create a new page or group Facebook prompts to set security settings: who can access the page and post to it. Always set permissions to "Public" and "Everyone" to guarantee best viewing experience. To do this, open the page or group configuration page and look for "Settings".

Adjust the post settings to allow publishing content to the page/group. When managing group permissions, in addition to your own profile, you need to grant write access to other individual profiles.

In summary, the Videolinq team is following the Facebook Developer Community integration guidelines . We rely on your timeline/page/group settings to publish to Facebook. If you see an error when trying to stream to a Facebook destination, first confirm the stream key is valid and that proper permissions are given to your profile to allow it to post/stream to Facebook. After validating this, if you still experience difficulties publishing to Facebook - open a support ticket in the customer area.

Last updated on February 14th, 2021.

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