You are new to Videolinq and trying to use your computer or mobile device webcam as a video source for your live stream, but the webcam will not start!

To use a webcam as a video source for a channel do this:

Step 1

Add a Webcam as a video source. Give the webcam a name you will remember.

Step 2

Video sources appear on the right side of the video channel page. Identify the new Webcam source and click on the green "play" icon. It will turn to a red "stop". When prompt, allow Videolinq to connect to the computer or mobile device camera and microphone sources.

Step 3

The Webcam widget will show four icons under the preview player:

  • Audio enable/disable

  • Camera enable/disable

  • Webcam settings - select audio/video source

  • Share desktop or program and toggle between the webcam video and shared program/browser.

Step 4

Push "Go Live" to activate the channel. Add destinations and start them or create a player with embed code.

Common Webcam Problems

  • Webcam video will not start: some anti virus programs may block the browser from accessing the camera/microphone sources.

  • Webcam video is black: click on settings (image 2) and enable the correct video source/camera.

  • Webcam audio is not mute: click on settings (image 2) and enable the correct audio source.

  • Webcam video does not show on my player or destinations: remember to push "Go Live" to activate live video on the channel. When using destinations, you must start each destination to send live video to that destination.

  • Webcam bitrate and resolution are low: the webcam widget auto sense available bandwidth. Low resolution or bitrate means poor internet connection. Change location or connectivity to improve video and audio output.

Tips & Tricks: Webcam as a video source can be used to capture cameras or video sources connected to a computer via USB cable. The webcam settings will allow you to select recognized devices as a source. When using Webcam as a video source remember not to close the browser tab as it will disconnect the video from the channel.

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