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Facebook Live stream limits
Facebook Live stream limits
Updated over a week ago

Trying to connect to Facebook, but your stream is disconnected? The reason your stream is disconnected from Facebook is because there is a time limit on streams send to Facebook as this article explains.

To stream to Facebook 8 hours you must log in with your Facebook profile credentials. This is the "Facebook Login" option we are offering in the Facebook destination selection. You can also login separately and create a live stream and use the RTMP path and stream key.

Facebook can sense that you are streaming from a mobile device and it then limits your live stream duration to 4-hours.

Remember that Facebook allows publishing only 1 live video at a time by an individual profile, no matter if you use the Facebook login or direct manual connection. Want to stream to multiple places on Facebook? Use the Facebook post sharing option!

Tip & Tricks: most people will not watch live streams on Facebook if they are 20 minutes or longer. Keep your broadcast short and to the point. A 10-30 minute broadcast will get many more viewers compared to a 3-4 hours stream.

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