You can use a source URL to insert video to a Videolinq channel and live stream that video to multiple destinations. The source URL can be an RTMP or RTSP live feed, or an MP4 file. When pointing to an RTMP or RTSP feed, it must come from an existing live stream you have permission to use. When pointing to a MP4 file, the file must be encoded properly, and hosted on a media server that support RTMP or HLS output. Pointing to a YouTube, Vimeo, or any other web server will not work, because files hosted on these services play as "progressive download". On request the files are downloaded to the computer requesting them. Videolinq requires the source file to "stream" before it gets replicated and distributed to destinations that expect a real streaming signal coming to them.

To point to an MP4 file you will need to put this file on a media server and point to the file using an RTMP path. If you have a media server like Wowza Streaming Engine just place the MP4 file in your media server and copy the RTMP path to this file in the source URL box (see image below). If you have difficulty playing your own file, test a default source URL by checking the box above the path field.

Customers who do not have access to a media server are welcome to order a 5 GB storage bin Videolinq offers for $1 per month. To order this storage space do the following:


Log into the Videolinq customer portal at

Step 2:

Click on “Services” and “Order a new service”. Look for the “Media Storage for Live Plans“ and order this service. During checkout you will be prompt to enter your credit card, but you will not be charged for the first 5 GB of storage. Why we are asking a credit card? Because the storage bin is a video-on-demand CDN service you can use for unlimited streaming. Using this service has an associated cost *

Step 3:

You will receive a separate email with instructions on how to use any 3rd party FTP client like Filezilla to upload your video file to Videolinq.

Important: learn how to prepare good MP4 files!

Step 4:

Upload your file and point to the media like this (0000 is your account number):


Step 5:

Place the RTMP link in the source URL file field and save.

Step 6:

Start your source by click on the green play icon that will turn to the red box.

Step 7:

Click on “Go Live”. The video will show in the preview player. Video is now ready for creating a player, or by sending it out to your target destinations.

Updated June 1, 2021: We offer the first 5 GB of the storage bin for $1 per month. Additional storage cost $0.50 per GB. Data pulled from this bin by the channel or a player has a cost associated with it. For example, based on this calculator, pulling a 60 minute long 4 MBps video file with a channel will consume 1.5 GB of data per hour, or $0.37 cents before discount. If you are concerned about the on-going cost use this workaround to stream live video from files.

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