The video source for a channel can be MP4 files. You can stream a single, or multiple files listed in a playlist. Add closed captioning to the file(s), by preparing a VTT file, uploading it, and associated the captions file with the media file.

Important: for closed captioning to work over the video, the MP4 and VTT files must use the same name during the upload process.

  • This will work - myfile.mp4, myfile.vtt

  • This will not work - myfile.mp4, filename.vtt


Open the channel and add a new video source.


Give the source a name, check the file source, and upload a file from your computer. Only MP4 and VTT files are allowed, at a maximum of 4 GB size.


After the file(s) are uploaded, click on the Source icon on the left navigation bar and enter the Media Files and Playlists section. Upload, rename, add to playlist, or delete inventory on the right side. Associate a closed captioning VTT with a MP4 media file on the left side. Drag & drop files to re-arrange their order.


This is how a closed captioning file will show association to a media file.


To create a playlist, check file records, type a name and click "Save".


Playlists will appear on the right side. Expand the playlist to rename it or re-arrange the order of files on the list.


To assign a file or a playlist to the video source go back and click on the 3 dots.


Select from the drop down a playlist or file and click on "Update".


Remember to enable the video source, and click "Go Live".

STEP 10:

Your channel is now active. Add new destinations or create a player.

Updated November 1, 2021: We This new workflow replace the old method of uploading files. All subscription plans include 5 GB of the storage for free. Additional storage cost $0.50 per GB.

Tips & Tricks: when creating a live stream from a single file or a playlist, the feed will play in a loop. To control the start and stop times of the feed use the Scheduler.

Need to create closed captions VTT files? Try this free tool.

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