LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. You can use LinkedIn to display your resume, search for jobs, and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with other people.

The LinkedIn Live feature allows individuals and organizations to broadcast live video content to their network in real-time. To get started, you can apply to become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster by completing an application. LinkedIn replies only to the applicants that are approved.

After your application is approved, add LinkedIn as a destination for your Videolinq channel. You will prompt to authenticate, and the live stream on your channel, including the optional closed captioning feature that we have, will be sent to your LinkedIn profile page.

What are the LinkedIn stream requirements


max 4 hours. Live Videos may not exceed 4 hour limit.

Aspect Ratio



max 1080p

Frame Rate

max 30 fps

Key Frame

every 2 seconds (60 frames)


max 6 mbps video; max 128 kbps audio, 48 khz sample rate


H264 video, AAC audio


RTMP/RTMPS (preferred)

Tips & Tricks: When using the direct login method to configure live streams, not all social media platforms allow reconnecting a video source (Videolinq). Some platforms will issue a new stream key, meaning a new "page" (hyperlink) is created.

  • Twitter and Twitch support re-usable stream keys.

  • Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn generate a new stream key if the video source stops.

For best practice, when creating a social media link used to invite viewers, create the Videolinq destination in a manual mode, and not the direct login option. This adds the option to re-use the same stream key when the video source disconnects, for up to 90 seconds. This can be voided on Facebook that allow during manual setup to select a "persistent" stream key.

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