Every page on the Videolinq media dashboard has a short demo video explaining how to use that section. Here are also our step by step instructions:

Step 1:

Use the "Quick Start" green icon (home page top right corner) to configure a channel.

Step 2:

Give the channel a name, create a destination(s), and select the RTMP encoder as source (option 1).

Step 3:

Enable the RTMP source by clicking on the green play icon.

Step 4:

Copy from the "Encoder" tab under the preview player the RTMP path and stream key assigned to the channel.

Step 5:

Open an RTMP encoder program. We will use OBS as an example. Click on the "Settings" button (lower right side). Find the "Stream" tab (upper left side) and drop down to "Custom" mode. Paste here the RTMP path and stream key you copied from Videolinq.

Step 6:

Click on the "Output" and change the bitrate to at least 2400 KBps and audio to 128 KBps. Click "OK" and "Start Streaming" (lower right side).

Step 7:

Confirm you see the video in the Videolinq channel preview player.

Step 8:

Start your destinations "Start All" or one by one.

Step 9:

Click on "Go Live". The video will appear on your destinations, and on the player if you created one.

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