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Multistream to Facebook
Multistream to Facebook

Learn how to stream to 2 or more Facebook profiles

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You need to create many posts with live videos on different Facebook profiles or groups? No problem. With Videolinq publishing live video to multiple Facebook profiles is easy:

  1. Login to the Videolinq media dashboard. If you don't have an account yet, create one here.

  2. Create a new channel. When you create a new channel you can only add 1 destination, but you can add more destinations when the channel is ready. If you have already a channel, just click on the 'Destination' bar and add more destinations.

  3. Use the 'Manual Connect' option when connecting to Facebook. Open a new browser tab. Login to your Facebook profile and click on the 'Live+' or 'Live Video' link to create a new stream.

  4. Select from the drop-down option where to stream the live video and click on the 'Use stream key' box. Check the box 'Use persistent stream key' option. You will be prompt to copy a 'Server URL' and 'Streamkey' to your Videolinq destination profile. Save settings.

Facebook Live configuration

  1. Use the RTMP 'Destination' option on Videolinq to create more Facebook destinations and give each one a different name (example: Facebook 1, Facebook 2).

  2. In the Videolinq channel select a video source, click 'Go Live', and push in the destination tab 'Start all' to stream to all Facebook profiles at the same time.

If you have questions about this article log in to the Videolinq customer portal and post a support ticket request.

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